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Tamisha Monet


As I reflect on my path, the innate passion pulsating through me was ancestral guidance from my Afro-Indigenous origins. I’ve been a Starbeam for as long as I can remember. I have always felt a deep connection to the cosmos.  I would Stargaze with my naked eye, every night before bed, identifying constellations from my Akashic memory. Charged my crystals on my window seal that I mined from caves under a Full Moon . I would read horoscopes from newspapers and magazines faithfully, to better assess the characteristics of those orbiting around me.

During my Saturn Return, I took my gift more seriously by investing in my craft through astrology certifications and self-taught studies. My Ascension journey has led me to various Activations along the way as a Orisha Devotee, Medium, Quantum Human Design Reader, Root Worker and whatever else my soul calls for but Astrology will always be my heartbeat.

Now, I have the privilege of interpreting the cosmic blueprint of others through various offerings: Natal Chart Readings, Planetary Hour Magick Manifestation and more. What has been the most rewarding indulgence of this mystery is guiding people back to themselves, attuning with Olodumare (God) for reverence, peace and purpose.


The Astrodisiacs's Chart

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LEO 29°8'
VIRGO 52°11'
PISCES 26°48'
ARIES 24°33' R
TAURUS 26°45'
LEO 10°31' R
SCORPIO 11°23' R
LIBRA 13°18' R

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