Secure the Bag Grant List



With 125+ opportunities & counting. A select few of these opportunities are exclusive to Astrodisiacs before being made available to the public.  Also, you will receive updates for any new funding opportunities throughout the year.

✅No grant writing necessary.

✅No certifications required to apply.

✅No repayment.


Grants in up to 50 states & U.S. territories. UK. Australia. Africa. Canada. Ireland. A few global opportunities too.


All are invited to apply. Creatives. Artists. Spiritualists. POC. Fashionistas. LGBTQIA. Everybody.


Also for more information about how to apply for the 6 BILLION DOLLARS in funding generated for small businesses negatively impacted by c0v!d, this list is a MUST HAVE.


Secure these Grants, Loans, Pitch Competitions & Accelerators for your business!


Apply during a Jupiter hour to increase your chances of winning & increasing your award amount. It’s a Venus Day money is circulating and flowing freely.


Grants are recession-proof because they’re tax write-offs for major businesses & corporations. Two weeks ago, there was 10 BILLION dollars in grant funding made available for small businesses without any certifications required but this 6 billion is in ADDITION to the grant money previously mentioned.


So let’s level up with my “Astrodisiacs: Secure the Bag Grant List”. Giving you access to various funding opportunities:





💰Business Scholarships

💰Pitch Competitions

& More!


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